TimeLog2 2.0

TimeLog2 2.0: A simple system tray time logger utility that can track several tasks. TimeLog2 is a simple, but useful, utility program for people who want to keep track of how much time they are spending on the number of different tasks or projects. When a project is active, TimeLog keeps track of the amount of time spent on it. If the task has an allocated amount of time, TimeLog will report what percentage of that time has been used. TimeLog records the total time spent on the task, and the number of sessions that that time was

utlTimeLogger This application automatically monitors how long your computer is operating.

TimeLogger, you will know more than how many hours you have worked or the lengths of your breaks. The software can tell you how much time you spend with specific applications and how long your computer is working. It also allows you to view numerous statistics, generate detailed reports, set up reminders and more. The user interface provides various controls for starting, stopping or pausing a timer, viewing and exporting statistics, accessing a

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